A puppy or a man

Puppies are one of the most adorable animals in the world. Girls adore him. A pair of crystal eyes clears the fog in front of us. His unique smile shines through the cloudy day. Every encounter with him is as if throwing strawberries into a chocolate hotpot—speechless. Being a puppy, on the other hand, is … Continue reading A puppy or a man

Everything is going to be fine

I know it sounds crazy, however, most of us do this daily. When negative emotions such as distress, sadness and nervousness, dominate us, we often tell ourselves “everything will be fine”. A few days ago I was having a discussion with my team (three people in total) regarding the issue raised by the lecturer from … Continue reading Everything is going to be fine

Light you up

Fire has been one of the most powerful elements since the stone ages. Our ancestors not only required it to light up the darkness but also regarded it as an auxiliary item for cooking their preys. Some of them even signified it as a symbol of life, whereas some of them even burnt what has … Continue reading Light you up

A Clock Fixer

I consider myself as a mechanic; I like to fix things that seem incurable. When I was little, my family’s financial condition was under satisfactory. The poor condition enforced us to make use of everything we had. For instance, we would not waste water for any use. We would recycle papers that were used before. … Continue reading A Clock Fixer

Theorists and Astronauts

My name is Alan J. Stein. Surrounded by stimulus when I was small, I was amazed at the fact that of Earth and the aesthetics of an outer space. Therefore, I decided to investigate more about the space when I was a primary school student. I am now a professor of Astronomy at a university. … Continue reading Theorists and Astronauts

Find your own characters

As William Shakespeare, a great man in English Literature once said, "Life is a play." Despite my realisation about how a play show many resemblances with the ups and downs of my life (which one of my close family members underwent a surgery before the New Year's Eve), I sort of recognise another perspective of … Continue reading Find your own characters

Unlimited imagination with limited ability

  There are a lot of successful people advocating the essence of imagination, from scientists to authors. It is unsurprising to claim that thinking creatively is important, which can reduce the possible functional fixedness—you think of the sole function of a particular object. For instance, the paper clip is for sorting all untidy documents together … Continue reading Unlimited imagination with limited ability