Death is what we should fear of

Someone once said, “Death is nothing we should fear”. In other words, we are fearless of everything, regardless of how difficult and depressing the situation is. Such audacious statement is too generous while praising us how good we can be. However, this logical statement does not fit into usual situations, or we do not often … Continue reading Death is what we should fear of

What could we do to those pregnant teenagers?

Pregnant teenagers are often discriminated in some cultures and religions. In other words, they are usually with tags that are adulterate. It is sad to see that people often discriminate others by what they have been through in the past. As one of my lecturers said, “We are all racists.” That is to say, we … Continue reading What could we do to those pregnant teenagers?

Think Childly; Act Adultly

Spoiler ahead: There are no such words—“Childly” and “Adulty”. In other words, this topic should be “Think like a child; Act like an Adult”. However, it looks tedious in appearance, so I make up those two words. Growing up from a baby is the beginning of a life. We become kids who are fascinated with … Continue reading Think Childly; Act Adultly

Should ocamp be like this???

Entering into University is really a relief for a student in Hong Kong. After 12-year primary and secondary education, we are determined to further our studies in tertiary education by a public exam. With that said, there are a lot of pressures and stress, but they could be flushed by a university offer. To a … Continue reading Should ocamp be like this???