How should I use you, WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is known as one of the most popular smartphone application for instant messaging in recent years. It has accumulated a massive customer base when it was launched, mainly due to its obligation to its promise (we do what we say) and free of advertisement. It provides fundamental functions such as texting or sending the … Continue reading How should I use you, WhatsApp?

Should I simply answer a question in a lecture?

A lecture at school is a bilateral communication; there will be questions raised and answers replied to the questions. Simply put, questions are feedbacks after a long haul of introducing theories and analysing the current issues. It is not unusual to see that lecturers present questions and acquire replies afterwards. Personally, it is a strange … Continue reading Should I simply answer a question in a lecture?


“Flos” in Latin, or simply known as “flowers” in English, are short-lived beauties. The seed-bearing plant, which consists of reproductive organs that are surrounded by a brightly coloured corolla and a green calyx, exists in various types such as Rose, Lily, Orchid, Dandelion, Rhododendron and Lavandula Angustifolia (or known as “Lavender”) etc. Flowers are beautiful … Continue reading Flowers


Imagine you flip a coin that has different faces (head and tail). In the first trial, you may have a head. The second trial may be the same as the first one, whereas the third trial may be different. {Head. Head. Tail.} As time goes on, if you flip the coin numerous times, you will … Continue reading Probability

A puppy or a man

Puppies are one of the most adorable animals in the world. Girls adore him. A pair of crystal eyes clears the fog in front of us. His unique smile shines through the cloudy day. Every encounter with him is as if throwing strawberries into a chocolate hotpot—speechless. Being a puppy, on the other hand, is … Continue reading A puppy or a man

Everything is going to be fine

I know it sounds crazy, however, most of us do this daily. When negative emotions such as distress, sadness and nervousness, dominate us, we often tell ourselves “everything will be fine”. A few days ago I was having a discussion with my team (three people in total) regarding the issue raised by the lecturer from … Continue reading Everything is going to be fine

Light you up

Fire has been one of the most powerful elements since the stone ages. Our ancestors not only required it to light up the darkness but also regarded it as an auxiliary item for cooking their preys. Some of them even signified it as a symbol of life, whereas some of them even burnt what has … Continue reading Light you up