Request for willingness

Just a quick discussion related to how to request for someone’s willingness in a proper way. I always have two tools when doing so, which depend on the situation and my perception about how the recipient would react. “If you don’t mind” When I asked girls for their consensus, like where to eat or go … Continue reading Request for willingness


A Fragile Eternity

It was seven o’clock at night. There was an old man lying on the bed where it was near the window. Breathing heavily, he looked at the moon with his admiration. He heard a sound that some bags were put in the cupboard that was next to him. He turned around, “You are here, my … Continue reading A Fragile Eternity


There is no doubt that smartphones are indispensable in our lives; we need to be connected via voice calls, video calls and instant messaging. What’s more, we need some entertainment that can impede our mundane daily jobs (as some people often complain about their jobs). So, a dose of happiness driven from our smartphones is … Continue reading Smartphone

Should the past be forgotten?

As the famous saying goes, “let bygones be bygones”. David Akinwale, a medical student and a lifestyle blogger, addressed the issue of forgetting the past. He advised five ways to forget the negative moments in our past and move on: People say it is very important to keep in mind things you’ve done in the … Continue reading Should the past be forgotten?

How should I use you, WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is known as one of the most popular smartphone application for instant messaging in recent years. It has accumulated a massive customer base when it was launched, mainly due to its obligation to its promise (we do what we say) and free of advertisement. It provides fundamental functions such as texting or sending the … Continue reading How should I use you, WhatsApp?

Should I simply answer a question in a lecture?

A lecture at school is a bilateral communication; there will be questions raised and answers replied to the questions. Simply put, questions are feedbacks after a long haul of introducing theories and analysing the current issues. It is not unusual to see that lecturers present questions and acquire replies afterwards. Personally, it is a strange … Continue reading Should I simply answer a question in a lecture?


“Flos” in Latin, or simply known as “flowers” in English, are short-lived beauties. The seed-bearing plant, which consists of reproductive organs that are surrounded by a brightly coloured corolla and a green calyx, exists in various types such as Rose, Lily, Orchid, Dandelion, Rhododendron and Lavandula Angustifolia (or known as “Lavender”) etc. Flowers are beautiful … Continue reading Flowers